Race Recap: Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Another year, another Nautica Malibu Triathlon!  After racing last years International/Olympic distance, I crossed the finish line and swore I’d never do another triathlon of that distance again.  And yet here I find myself a year later having done it again.  Why you ask?  Well, because I wanted to set a difficult race goal as part of Race For Vets and I knew from experience that competing in an Olympic distance race would meet that challenge.  While I’m not overjoyed with my race timings, I’m very happy with the burst of donations to Got Your 6 via Race For Vets in the last few weeks.  I cannot thank all of my supporters enough for the veterans and their families who are benefiting from the generosity of their donations.

Now, for the race result details and ensuing photos that I’m sure you’re all curious about!  I placed 89th/147 in the men aged 35-39 category with 39:09.76 swim (2:24 pace), 4:19.01 T1, 1:16:56.49 bike (19.4mph), 4:58.07 T2, 59:42.58 run (9:37 pace) splits for a final race time of 3:05:05.91.

It was a very early Saturday morning, but overall a great day of racing with some fantastic teammates from the NBCUniversal triathlon team.  I tried to get up early on Sunday to get out and cheer on the folks racing the classic distance, but my body fought me the entire way.  Regardless, the team is a wonderful group of folks supporting each other on their fitness goals and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of that group.  See you all again next year!


I swam, I biked, I ran, I… didn’t die! #nauticamalibutri #raceforvets #gotyour6 #tribyequinox

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Racked and ready to go! #nauticamalibutri #raceforvets #gotyour6 View on Instagram


Tomorrow is the #MalibuTri! #onemoresleep

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