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Race For Vets launches, to raise funds for Got Your 6

In an effort to show support to veterans returning to civilian life, Race For Vets has been established to raise funds to benefit Got Your 6 and their related nonprofits.  The Got Your 6 campaign is focused on six pillars affecting veterans: education, family, health, housing, jobs, and leadership.  Veterans and their families are leaders and civic assets who deserve a wide array of opportunities to successfully convert their leadership and operational training into positive civilian roles in communities nationwide.

Race For Vets will participate in six competitive races over six months (April-September) and fundraise throughout training and competition with all funds raised going directly to Got Your 6.  Every penny donated supports the work of the six pillars.  100% of all donations made online—free from any overhead or administrative expenses—are distributed to the nonprofit organizations that lead the six pillars of the Got Your 6 campaign.

The donation goal for Race For Vets is $6,000 and with the support of our friends and colleagues we hope to easily surpass this goal by the time we complete our last race in September.  If you know of any people or companies who would consider sponsoring Race For Vets and appearing as a sponsor on our website, training and race gear, and any other promotional material, then please have them contact us directly to discuss.

Race For Vets can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Please follow along and remember, all donations are lovingly cared for and graciously accepted… thank you!

About Got Your 6

Got Your 6 is a campaign that unites the entertainment industry with top veteran-focused nonprofit organizations. The goal of the campaign is to bridge the civilian-military divide by creating a new conversation in America, so that veterans and military families are perceived as leaders and civic assets.

  • Got Your 6 ensures that our military veterans return home to be seen as leaders and assets
  • Got Your 6 creates opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to reinvigorate our communities
  • Got Your 6 inspires Americans to understand the unique challenges and opportunities our veterans face upon their return
  • Got Your 6 provides tools, platforms, and resources that Americans can use to better understand veteran and military culture
  • Got Your 6 embodies—for all Americans—the values of duty, selfless service, and mutual respect upheld by those who have served in our military
  • Got Your 6 empowers returning veterans and military families to help lead a great generation

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